Should I disclose that I was accepted in a M7 MBA Deferred Enrollment in my application?

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Hi everyone,

I am in my last year of undergrad in a target school for local MBB offices (outside the US) and I was fortunate to get into a deferred enrollment MBA program at a Top US School on the East Coast (think about CBS, Sloan, Wharton). I have the opportunity to join, if I want, the MBA program after a couple of years of work experience.
I am going to apply soon for MBBs graduate roles, and I was wondering if I should mention that I was accepted to this program.
On the one hand, I think having been admitted to such programs is a sign of determination and long-term thinking. It will also give me the opportunity to build a strong network (that I could potentially use if I will reach senior positions in the firm). On the other hand, it might sound as if I don't want to commit to the firm for a long period.
What would you suggest?

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Jun 23, 2020

First things first: Congratulations!

I'm hoping I'll be in your same shoes in the not so distant future (Currently rising junior outside of the US as well).

if you are gunning for MBB, there really shouldn't be anything wrong with telling them you are leaving in 2 years to pursue an MBA. It's quite literally the normal career path. All MBBs are hoping you join them for 2-3 years max and then leave for a top MBA. Having them sponsor you is definitely not unheard off.

You might wanna wait for someone in industry to confirm it, but I truly don't see any downside, on the contrary, you show the firm that you won't have any trouble landing a spot in an School (Since you are already in!).

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Jun 23, 2020

Agree. You should tell them - it will be viewed positively

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Jun 30, 2020