Should I do my bachelor's in Singapore(hometown) or in germany/switzerland? Target is investment banking

I am a student in Singpore and I can go to NUS, SMU or NTU in singapore for bachelor's in business administration. Or should I go to a university in Switzerland (St Gallen or University of Zurich) and do a bachelor's there assuming I get in. The Bachelor's in business degree in Singapore is a 4 year bachelor's while the bachelor's in Europe is a 3 year programme. Also which country is easier to get into investment banking after graduation? 

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Jan 12, 2022 - 9:13am

Don't really see the value add of this unless you speak fluent German and will be recruiting for Frankfurt and Zurich. Remember that most continental European students will end up doing at least one master's afterwards before starting full time, so the four versus three thing isn't really an issue. NUS (and to a lesser extent NTU and SMU) is a strong university, from an international reputation perspective no weaker than any Swiss or German universities except ETH (which is obviously STEM-heavy). St Gallen is going to be a hard sell to recruit for London, for example, where you'd need HEC, Bocconi et al. to really get a look in - it's not impossible from the universities you've listed, but it's unlikely. And if you want to do a US/UK master's or MBA (later) then I would think none of the three Singaporean universities would be any worse than the European options listed from a brand name perspective.

Jan 12, 2022 - 9:43am

Would it be easier to get an investment banking job in Singapore or in Europe? From what I see the investment banking scene in Singapore is highly competitive.  I am learning German(currently b1) and living overseas would be better for me.

Jan 12, 2022 - 11:24am

Your question is very difficult to answer as to what is easier. Without fluent German, you will struggle in Frankfurt and Zurich. That said, the number of slots (especially for Frankfurt) relative to competition is likely higher for Frankfurt than it is for London or Singapore; many Germans apply to London because they want the future optionality that it provides, and a wider range of job opportunities.

I can't speak for Singaporean recruiting, but the actual process itself is much harder (more technical/more thorough, expect more prior internships etc.) in Germany than it is in the UK or US.

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Jan 13, 2022 - 4:45pm

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