Should I Double Major in Accounting to Save Money on Taxes?

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So I'm currently a Junior in a BBA program and will be done with my Finance concentration in the Spring of this year. I'll have all of senior year to basically take any class that I want which can be fun, but at the same time seem like a waste. Double majoring outside of the BBA program isn't really a possibility/I'm not intrigued enough by other subjects to major in them. As someone going into S&T, should I take on an Accounting concentration as well for personal use (thinking about taxes and saving as much money as possible throughout my career)? I would only need 3-4 more classes but I don't know if it's worth it. I loved financial accounting and really understand how the financial statements work, but I hated managerial accounting. The alternative is taking as many Finance courses as possible and throwing in 1-2 Econ courses, maybe a history course, and random electives that are fun or will prepare me for S&T.

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Nov 23, 2018

Not a terrible idea, but have you considered computer science classes? Knowing the basics of coding could prove pretty useful. Many of the S&T jobs at my BB list that as a preferred qualification .

Nov 23, 2018

Learning how to maximize your personal tax return doesn't require formal accounting know how. Do your own taxes for a couple years and you'll figure it all out naturally.

Nov 23, 2018