Should I get a CFA or CPA or both?

I was just wondering which qualification would be the best to get or if I should get both to keep my options open. I am interested in Investment Banking but also interested in Restructuring, M&A and Valuations currently have a summer internship in a Big Four firm in Financial Advisory mainly focusing on Corporate Restructuring, M&A and Valuations.
Just looking for some advice.

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Jun 25, 2018

While the two are both accomplishments, the CFA will take a significant more time and is geared towards asset management. You will notice the most overlap between the two on CFA Level 1.

With that said, I would argue that a CPA makes more sense if you are definite in your transition to banking. While a CFA would certainly help in banking, it's a three year commitment at a minimum.

Jun 25, 2018