Should I go for a spring week, summer internship or graduate analyst?

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May 19, 2017

Spring weeks are for first year students on 3 year courses or 2nd year from 4 year courses so you can't apply. I say go for an internship. Most realistic chances out there. Age has nothing to do with it but you're older than most, graduating from bachelor.

P/S: What the hell are certificates from Oxford uni?

May 19, 2017

Thanks for the input.

I took some courses at Oxford uni. that gave me some certificates from the Department of Politics and International Relations.

May 20, 2017

Go for a mix but apply mostly for summer internships. Some banks will not allow you because you are in your final year of study and not in your penultimate. If you can't apply for the summer go for the grad position, but without relevant experience(s) it will be a long shot. Best hope for you is to get an internship and convert it. Good luck.

May 19, 2017

Thank you for the feedback,

The summer internship would be for after the MSc at LSE. This summer I cannot work unfortunately. So I was just thinking that most people after the MSc go for graduate positions right? So I can still apply for a summer internship AFTER the MSc even if normally I would be expected to go for a graduate position?

May 20, 2017