Should I go into finance?

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Hi, sorry if this isn't in the right forum, this is my first time on this site. I am in high school and have recently been considering going to business school and trying to get a degree in finance. Honestly, I am interested in the finance aspect of business school just to earn enough money to pay off student loans, save some, have a few investments, and help out my parents a little, until I can realize my dream of starting my own company and working for myself. I am pretty much a 100% left-brained person; I am very good at math and have excellent written communication skills. My oral communication skills are decent, and will only get better. I consider myself to be competitive, but fair. All this being said, does it sound like going for a finance degree and then job might be right for me? I realize none of you know me personally, so it may be difficult to answer this, but any and all advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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Nov 15, 2017

Despite what movie stereotypes and some comments on this forum may suggest, there is a pretty diverse range of personalities in banking, not to mention finance more broadly. The traits you mentioned are good general characteristics for any job/degree, which is to say that there's nothing from a capability perspective stopping you from pursuing a finance degree or any other degree/career path

From a practical perspective, you're right. Finance jobs out of college like banking are on-the-whole great from a personal finance perspective and can open up doors to a lot of other opportunities. That being said, if you don't enjoy the subject or aren't interested in the work, there are plenty of other degrees and jobs that can be financially rewarding while being a better fit

In other words, no one can tell you whether or not you should go into finance based on the information provided. Spend some more time learning about the industry and go from there. You're still in highschool; you have plenty of time.

Nov 20, 2017