Should I go to semi target UK

Hi everyone,

I was waitlisted for target UK master finance , twice in the last two year and unfortunately got rejected at the end. The first time was last year,Corona + my mom was ill so it wasn't hard to decide that I take a gap year. This year I got rejected by another target school again after waitlisted, so I only have a choice to go to a semi-target Master in Finance starting this September.

For my background, my undergrad was in Economics and management in a Japanese uni. After graduation I tried to find a job in finance but I was rejected in several places saying that "my undergrad isn't suitable". I figured an Msc Finance would give me better chances. 

But then again, I could only get into a semi target uni. It was always with >30k Gbp tuition + living expenses.

Though the uni syllabus looks very interesting and exciting, but I really don't know if the money is worth it. Will I have a better chance to land a finance job after graduation? and also the thought of always carrying the semi-target chip on my shoulder has also been bothering me. On the other hand, I am already 26, I could not keep waiting for that "perfect" school to accept me. 

I have to put down half of the tuition fee in a few days, so I have been losing sleep over this 

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Sep 1, 2021 - 5:30am

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