Should I leave Equity Sales for client portfolio management at Blackrock?

Hi Guys,

Currently at a Top BB doing equity sales (just about to start my 2nd year as an analyst) and contemplating moving to BlackRock as a product strategist/client portfolio manager.

I love markets, investing, and client interaction but in equity sales the client interaction is not that rewarding i.e. most of it's via Bloomberg/E-mail and a bit on the phone with the odd lunch etc. There's also a new regulation called MAR coming in making it harder for us brokers to say anything at all that is not in a research report/give an opposing view if we do not agree with a call, meaning our ability to be entrepreneurial and creative is dwindling.

I have been looking at other opps and spoke with BlackRock in London and looks like they are keen for me to join as a Client Portfolio Manager (aka product strategist)

It seems I would have a lot more responsibility in the role whilst having more frequent client-facing interaction and still be immersed in the markets and give presentations etc.

I am also very keen to move to the US/travel for work (key focus right now) and feel this would be easier there.

Any thoughts on leaving a top equity sales for the buyside? Also, hate the topic but anyone know the comp at BR roughly for product strategists looking after the big funds?

Many Thanks!

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May 13, 2016

It sounds like you want to be a Markets strategist and not a Product strategist. The roles are fairly different despite the fact that Product strategists are supposed to always keep up with the markets. In the end, you're being offered a sales role. Evaluate if that's what you want to do.

Jun 27, 2019