Should I pursue an MBA If I Have A MPA? Or should I pursue a Masters in Finance?

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Hello all,

I will be earning my MPA this fall, I have had several internships relating to the non-profits and governmental organizations. My track is international and comparative public administration. I have come to the conclusion, in order to meet my career prospects ( or even close to them), a second degree relating to economics/ business would help me achieve them and diversify my skills. I have an interest in international economic development, and I would like to work in the policy aspect. Should I pursue an MBA if I have an MPA? A lot of material from the MPA intersects with an MBA, so I am wondering whether I should pursue a degree in finance instead.

PS After speaking with numerous people who work in international development (ID), it may take some time to work after graduation without the proper education ( in finance related degree). A business background would enhance my career prospects not only within the public but also the private sector.

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Sep 10, 2019


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Sep 12, 2019

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