Should I renege a top-tier BB research for another top-tier BB trading?

I have signed an offer for a top tier BB's research division (think GS/JPM/MS) as a lateral hire and my background check was already completed. But I just got this other offer from another top tier BB (GS/JPM/MS) but it's with their trading division (which I definitely like more and and the role sounds more exciting). It's approaching my start date at the first firm, but I really don't know whether I should renege. It's obviously a very bad thing to do and probably I could never go back to the firm again for my entire career, but I've been to a point in career where I need to focus and find something I'm passionate for, and I know the research role won't bring that. Should I renege when it's just about 2 weeks till my start date? Should I let the team at the other BB know that I'm going to renege someone else to join them? 

I really appreciate y'all's advice!

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Nov 6, 2021 - 4:13pm

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