Should I start my career in Buy-Side Operations or Sell-Side Operations?

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Hello, I would like to figure out if I should aim to start my career in Buy-Side Operations or Sell-Side Operations. I currently intern with an Asset Management firm in Ops. This opportunity can lead to a two year full-time rotational program offer. I would appreciate any advice that anyone has on this topic. I understand that the Buy-Side is typically seen as the more attractive to work for, but I also understand that a lot of people transition from Sell-Side to Buy-Side. Thank you for the help!

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Jul 6, 2017

Buyside. Seen moves from ops to research. Generally after CFA and you'll be like 2 years behind

Jul 6, 2017

Just to confirm, the path you are talking about is start in Ops, work towards/earn CFA, then Research? Also, 2 years behind of what?

Jul 6, 2017