Should I Start Networking for IB?

Hi everyone! I'm very new to WSO and I was hoping to get some advice from more experienced professionals.

Background: I am an incoming sophomore at a non-target (3.8 GPA) with decent extra circulars and involved on campus. I am also currently completing an internship at a MM private equity firm in NC. Also, I did not get any scholarships, not involved with honors, and my SAT was not the greatest (if this matters at all).

While I am in PE rn, I was hoping to acquire an IB internship for this fall. I am not sure which field I would enjoy more so I would like to try them both out. However, as I just started my internship, I don't know if it would seem weird if I started searching for IB opportunities already. Am I overthinking this? Should I just focus on my internship and network later?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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