Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Advice on a Trading Career Transition

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Looking for some advice on a trading-related job opportunity / career transition:

Currently a exchange listed derivatives trader at a risk-averse, sizable derivatives trading house. PnL in the MMs for several years. Not all that well paid (firm attributes the PnL to their systems more so than my acumen, I think), and not developing/learning all that much.

Have an opportunity to trade power (nat gas, coal, elec) at a mid-market utility (also more risk averse, so not a gun-slinging, Enron, cowboy mentality). Presents a tremendous amount of learning opportunity, but also kinda starting back at square one. Seems like it would take awhile just to get back to my current pay level. However, maybe lifers in power trading are one day making serious bankroll?

Also considering an opportunity at a small hedge fund to trade derivatives in a more speculative environment (vol is super bid in one financial, and implied vol is below realized in another the cheap and sell the expensive size, etc.). Obviously less hand holding and more of a keep what you kill environment. Interesting, but also kinda worried about going bust before boom.

Are these opportunities better than my present one? Should I leave or am I suffering from "the grass is always greener" syndrome and I should just stay put?

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May 22, 2010


"I just want to be a monkey of average intelligence who wears a suit. I'll go to business school!"

May 22, 2010

get an offer to trade elsewhere at the same pay scale and then we're in business

May 22, 2010