Should I Take Huge Pay Cut For An Entry Level Financial Advisory Role Post MBA?

Hi guys, I would really appreciate some advice given my struggling situation.
I have been seeking jobs after being laid off several months ago, and as I became more desperate I began applying to a broader range of jobs.
Currently, I have only 2 offer on hand:
1. Financial Institution Relationship Manager under "Corporate & Investment Bank" umbrella based in London.
2. Financial Advisory Role at Big Four, based in Indonesia (my home country).
These two roles aren't the ideal ones, but since I have already left the job market for several months, I feel desperate to start a job ASAP.

Although the financial advisory role meets my long term career aspiration in PE/VC, I'm hugely concerned due to the low pay.
As I don't have much-related experience previously, plus Big Four Advisory doesn't have MBA Associate program, I would have to start from a junior role (typically requires at least 2 years of experience).
The salary would be 30% - 40% lower than my last role before doing MBA, and would be only 1/4 compared to the relationship manager role.
I understand that the salary difference is HUGE, but this role is much more interesting and could open a door to PE/VC in future.
The only concern of the financial advisory role would be salary, which means that I will have to start nearly from scratch to build my career even after spending huge amount of money on MBA.
On the other hand, if I take the relationship manager role mainly due to salary, I fear that I will regret the decision, since the job seems very sales driven and includes a lot of repetitive works.
Most important of all, I will have to give up my PE/VC career goal due since the relationship manager is a totally different career path with limited exit options.

Would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Which option do you think seems more reasonable?

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May 2, 2020 - 10:13am

Well, if you can take a job with salary 4 times higher, I think you should take IR role. From what I've experienced, salary means how a comp value a person. This may provide misconception when you seek a job in PE(Like why would someone with a talent accept a low pay). Financial advisory may get you better opportunity for career, but if I were you, I won't take 1/4 pay cut. Besides, it may be different in London, but I know a person moved from IR team to Trading Team in BB(It was a rare case even for low-tier BB, and he was only 2nd year), so you might get a chance. Check if there were such cases.

I am not an expert in PE yet, but there was no comment so far so that I wanted to share my opinion. I wish you luck!

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