Should there be diversity hiring in sports?

It's absurd how overrepresented African-Americans are in sports, to the detriment of any other ethnicity. Their dominance in sports clearly indicates racist hiring practices, which must be mediated and corrected by whatever means necessary. Some solutions I have thought of is giving every other race an advantage (6" boost to their vertical jump), similar to how Africans are given a 200 point SAT boost in college applications due to Africans having 180 lower mean SAT score compared to every other race. Africans are also too overpaid in every sport, but most prominently basketball. Thus, we shall limit the salaries of Africans in the NBA to a mere 5 million per annum, similarly to how whites and asians are capped at a certain % in colleges.

Now replace replace African with Caucasian and Asians and sports with jobs or colleges and you'll look upon this thread more favorably.

systematicracism #internalizedblacksupremacy #bigotcaucasians #allwhitesarebadatsports

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Nov 8, 2021 - 3:10pm

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