Sick Of Middle Office/Operations Want To Transition To Sales

Been working in hedge fund middle office for a hedge fund admin firm and It is everything people on WSO said it would be.

Repetitive, mind numbing, cog in the wheel kind of work.

I was a naive and thought I would be supporting traders and one day being able to move from the middle office to the coveted front office since I would be networking with traders and learning what they do.

However, the only contact outside my team is with other middle office guys at the hedge funds or middle office guys at GS/JPM/BAML etc.

I suppose the hours are good and the place is relaxed, the trade off is my salary is $29k and after I get my raise after a year of service it will go up to $31.5K and the work even at the director level doesn't seem very interesting.

I want to transition to sales mainly due to the personality fit (I am outgoing, enjoy talking to people, confident and love the instant gratification of seeing results) and potential for making money.

It is probably the only front office position I have a chance of scoring given my history. Does anyone have any advice on breaking into sales coming from an operations background? I have been trying to spin my operations experience for sales cover letters all day while applying for positions. Very few entry level positions and most require 2-5 years sales experience so I know this won't be easy.


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Apr 7, 2019