So I signed my SA offer letter for IBD at a BB about two weeks ago. What's next? When can I expect the firm to get in touch with me for more details about the Summer?

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Your letter should have stated approximate start date and some basic stuff about orientation and whatnot.

You've landed the offer and signed it. Go have an epic party.

Just my thoughts of course.

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you'll probably be placed into a coverage group maybe in may or so. they might have you back in there. if its rotational, i dunno

you'll probably hear from them next when they arrive at your door and make you take the mandatory drug test. it's unannounced. (kidding)

enjoy, and i also recommend epic party

btw you can always call them can't you? might show some interest and initiative on your behalf.


is it possible to schedule a drug test sooner than later? i want to get this thing out of the way, but would it seem odd that i am trying to do so?

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