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I'm just a High School Senior, and I need help coming to a conclusion. I initially was trying to choose whether I'd enjoy being a Investment Banker or a Financial Analyst more. Now I'm being confronted by these discoveries of possibly enjoying becoming also a private banker or a consultant in wealth management. I love investing, finance, and Macro/Microeconomics. My top passions are a tie between Macroeconomics and investing, and so maybe someone can shed some light on what lifestyle I would most enjoy. Also, what can I do to get ahead of the game.

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Nov 25, 2013 - 7:37pm

I think you will have to decide what type of lifestyle that you want (IB hours vs. S&T hours). But, it sounds like you would like to end up with a position that is involved with the market daily. Since you are still in high school, I would just recommend enjoying yourself and focusing on getting good grades (in high school and college). If you get good grades and begin to network for some internships for your next two summers you will be in a great position.

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