Siraj Raval AI paper plagiarizer, wanted to be an IBanker

He's a YouTuber focused on AI who was recently exposed for plagiarizing AI papers (he literally control C and Control V and changed some terms...). In his interview here, he says he went to CU with a goal to become an investment banker, was kicked out of CU for stealing a laptop, changed his name to Jason Scott and told people he was half Italian (he's not) to "gain the privilege"......

Sounds like another Matthew Martoma in the making....anyone crossed path with him at CU when he wanted to do IB?

interview at lavendaire.comlifestyle-26

S: Yeah, pretty much. Pretty much, yeah. And at first, I always felt guilty and I felt bad about it. Like this is not what you're supposed to do. Look at what everybody else is doing. Don't you want to be a good kid like this other Indian kid? My parents would always compare me to all of these other Indian kids in school, and all the grades they made and stuff. Part of it was good because it helped me study and get the grades necessary to go to school at Columbia, but most of it was just like, "I don't need this." You know what I'm saying? I had idols growing up and I think my idols got me through all the bad times. I always idolized Walt Disney, and I idolized all these great people in the world. And okay, there's actually the thing I want to say: when I was 18 years old, I legally changed my name to Jason Scott Raval.

A: Wow.

S: I changed it on my passport. I changed it on my social security card. I changed it on everything because I always wanted to do great things. And I felt like, when I was eighteen, growing up in Houston, TX, the only way to do great things was to anglicize your name to be White. I wanted that privilege. I wanted to be able to do great things without it being like, "Oh, this Indian guy did it." I wanted it to be "Siraj did it." Not 'Siraj', obviously, but–

A: Jason Scott.

S: So I went by that name for three years in college. I tried to completely change my personality, you know. I didn't want anybody to know anything about me. In fact, I even told people, "Yeah, I'm half Italian"....

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