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This wednesday I am flying up to New York to visit a group of alumni and other connections that work across the BBs in IB and S&T. For the last month I have been networking with these people to set up phone calls and sell my self over the phone. I have never met 90% of these people in person. This has gone very well so I am excited about visiting these places.

For the people I am visiting in IB, for the most part they will just be getting to know me if they are alumni and will try to connect me to people they know in S&T at their banks.

For S&T alums, I will actually get to sit at a few trading desks at GS, BofA, Citi, JPM, and maybe Morgan Stanley. At these places, I have been told to be prepared to speak to a few Associates or MDs that have more say in the hiring process.

I have been reading WSJ, Barron's, and the Economist consistently for the last 3 weeks to be prepared for current events. About to finish reading The Big Short, and am hoping to finish the Partnership before I visit GS on friday. I also have been refining my 90 second resume pitch, market outlook, and need to work on a stock pitch.

Can anyone offer other specific advice that they think would be helpful for making these visits successful? I feel prepared, but am also very nervous since I have never had to sell my self like this before, and I have never been to New York. I am trying to meet as many people as possible and make it a great learning experience, so all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Dec 5, 2010

Don't forget to get their business cards, especially for the people you click with. You'd be surprised how easy it is to forget this detail when you're being shown around the floor/office and meeting a bunch of people.

If possible, get a feel for using the subway. Cabbing between mid-town and Wall Street can be a nightmare sometimes. One trip, I was stuck in a cab for 45 minutes when heading from mid-town to the NYSE.

You may also want to stay away from coffee, milk and other diuretics; unless you want to find yourself in the washroom a lot.

Dec 5, 2010