Skills Needed to Break Into Acquisitions at REIT or PE Firm?

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Can anyone comment on skills needed to break into an acquisitions role at a REIT or at a PE firm?

I'm currently a 2nd year analyst with a small LIHTC developer. Creating a plan on the skills needed to move into acquisitions at a REIT or PE firm in 1-2 years.

Skills/Experience I Currently Have: Intermediate/Advance Excel, Financial Modeling, Real Estate Contracts, Underwriting, General Brokerage (worked at M&M as assistant while in college).

Skills/Experience Still Needed: Expert Excel (Macros, Pivot Tables, etc.), Argus, SQL

I'm currently taking classes on these one-by-one on Udemy. Any other skills I should acquire, and best ways to learn them?

Also, thoughts on importance of MBA or MRED vs 2-3 years of RE Development/Financial Analysis Experience?

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Dec 14, 2018