Small Business Banking to Consulting? am i nuts?

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Not sure i have come to the right place, but im looking to break into consulting with 10+ years of progressive experience in in retail banking, working in actual branches.

My carrer spans 10 years, working everything from a teller to small business retail banking (what im doing now) at all types of banks.
Got my undergrad and MBA from a local college. About 5 years ago i realized there are low prospects for growth and i'm in a slowly dying business.
Have fairly laid back schedule workload, operating on cruise control. Would like to use all this retail banking experience to get into consulting. Would also like to do more meaningful fulfilling finance job. Have tried networking through friends, cold linked-in messaging etc, no luck. Willing to relocate for right opportunity?
Any input on how to make the transition.

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Aug 11, 2019

Hi whatnext, check out these resources:

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Hope that helps.

Aug 15, 2019