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I submitted my resume for an opening I saw about 2 months ago for a sales role I came across. The posting was fairly old and would be closing soon so I quickly updated my resume and submitted it before the deadline. As a background, I have about 6 years of relevant sales experience so I felt like I had a good chance. I failed to notice that I referred YoY sales growth as year-over year sales growth instead of year-over-year. While applying to other postings, I caught it and updated it and then forgot about it. Almost a month later I was called to a first round which I felt went well. After another month of radio silence, I've found out that I'm being called for a second (and hopefully final) round. While reviewing my profile on their careers site, I noticed that the version submitted to the now closed posting still had the typo. Is it worth it to try to update on the site or email in an 'updated' version? Will this kill my chances? I'm prepping for any technicals etc. but I would hate to get knocked out for such a silly mistake.

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Nov 28, 2016 - 12:52pm

You can always send HR an updated resume, but seeing as how you got through rounds already and nobody seemed to notice and/or care, I wouldn't pay any attention to it. Choice is yours, I've sent updated resumes and they were accommodating to it, but I don't think I've sent any in the middle of the process before.

Nov 30, 2016 - 12:34am

Typo on resume. 1st round interview scheduled. Contact recruiter? (Originally Posted: 04/28/2016)

I've received a 1st round interview offer for a credit analyst position, and I've recently noticed a small typo on my resume. Should I contact the recruiter and send him an updated resume. The typo is on one of my work experiences and the interview is scheduled for next week.

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Nov 30, 2016 - 12:35am

Definitely correct and resend - it's a ridiculously silly thing, but it always looks better when YOU correct things before people notice them. You also don't need to specifically point it out; I think just saying - I noticed a word was misspelled on my resume and have attached a corrected version - just wanted to make sure you got the correct version.

Obviously they won't care, but it does show you're alert and aware and are fixing things before they notice they're a problem. (If by some insane chance they DID notice it, then it looks great that you're correcting it without their prompt).

*Important point here - don't apologize. People always email things 'sorry this' 'sorry about that' 'apologies for the error' - if its at work I guess its ok, but for job applicants, etc., just correct it and don't draw any additional attention to it - you don't want to be create the impression that you're apologizing for making mistakes before even being hired! Its not just your typo case but just in general people often obsess over resumes, WE etc and then forget that the personal impression they leave often dominates a hiring decision.

If you think about it; it's easy to 'see things differently' through behavior. Yeah that candidates numbers were meh but wow I was just really impressed with the insight he had into our business - and I mean sure the 4.0 guy was great but idk he seemed a little uncomfortable talking about what we do. You see how this works?

Anyway - you really shouldn't have typos by the time you're applying for jobs. Read it backwards slowly with a red pen and cross out every single word that you confirm is spelled correctly.

Nov 30, 2016 - 12:36am

Resume Mistake -- Already in Interview Process (Originally Posted: 03/31/2016)

Hey guys,

After several months of interviewing, my interviewer inadvertently caught a mistake on my resume -- it says "EBITDA" where it should say "Revenue". It wasn't horrible, and I was able to pivot nicely. I find about about next rounds next week, which will be another series of phone interviews. Should I go into the job posting portal and upload a new/fixed copy, or do I just keep running with it to avoid suspicion?


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Nov 30, 2016 - 12:39am

This is all about your personal risk tolerance and whether you'd prefer to own the error or hope / believe it continues to get ignored by more employees... If it were me, I'd email HR and ask them to replace my resume with an "updated version with a few minor changes." You can fix the rev / EBITDA error and maybe update any other minor items (i.e. dates, coursework completed, etc.) to throw some smoke around the one actually error on the resume. This seems honest and hopefully won't call too much attention to the issue.

Just my $.02.

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