SMU BBA Scholar vs McCombs(non-BHP)

Title is self-explanatory.

Current senior who is interested in high fin-tech, investment banking, and consulting. Companies like JPMorgan, Evercore, Goldman etc are definite goals.

Am I at a terrible disadvantage for not making BHP at UT? Would going to Cox with honors better put me in a position? While perusing linkedin, I saw that alot of the BHP kids got great internships/full time offers from Goldman, JPMorgan, Bain, McKinsey. . .then I saw non-BHP kids occasionally snag those positions, but not as much.

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Mar 16, 2017

It's relatively easy to transfer into BHP if you have a high enough GPA after your freshmen year. Around 20%+ transfer acceptance rate. Also not being BHP doesn't end up mattering too much for getting jobs as long as you're equivalently competent/have strong stats and resume. Can't compare to Cox, but UT seems to place better into banking, consulting, and tech.

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Apr 17, 2017

From first-hand experience, I would take UT. When I was an analyst at my IB in NYC, we had ~6 UT students - I think only 3 of them were BHP. I could be misstating the facts, but I honestly believe UT will allow you to cast a wider net when you're looking at banks. SMU honors would allow you to recruit extremely well in Dallas.

Apr 18, 2017