So about that TED talk that was "banned" for coming down on the super rich

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Notable section from an email from the TED people.

I agree with your language about ecosystems, and your dismissal of some of the mechanistic economy orthodoxy, yet many of your own statements seem to go further than those arguments justify," Anderson wrote.

"But even if the talk was rated a home run, we couldn't release it, because it would be unquestionably regarded as out and out political. We're in the middle of an election year in the US. Your argument comes down firmly on the side of one party. And you even reference that at the start of the talk. TED is nonpartisan and is fighting a constant battle with TEDx organizers to respect that principle....

"Nick, I personally share your disgust at the growth in inequality in the US, and would love to have found a way to give people a clearer mindset on the issue, without stoking a tedious partisan rehash of all the arguments we hear every day in the mainstream media.
"Alas, my judgment - and it is just a judgment, and that's why my job title is 'curator' - is that publishing your talk would not meet that goal."

that bit didnt get mentioned....

Sad liberals. So sad.

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Jun 1, 2012

I think a lot of intellectuals are liberals. Liberalism is a system that tends to work well on a sheet of paper but is too complicated to work well in practice. It is like one of those finely tuned high efficiency air conditioners that has an efficiency rating of 14.7 BTUs/watthour but breaks down the second a speck of dust gets into the compressor.

Sometimes the simple 10.7 BTU/watthour AC is the smarter choice.

As for TED, they try to be a nonpartisan organization that focuses on the ideas, and I think this idea that jobs seem to be driven by middle-class consumers has a lot of traction. It's natural for the organizers to be supportive of the idea without necessarily being supportive of the political undertones beneath it, just like they would probably be very intrigued by many of Ron Paul's ideas, too. There's nothing wrong with that.

I think TED did the right thing here. Thanked the speaker for his time, but refused to designate it a TED talk. I would have gone one step further and helped with an unofficial release, just with it clearly stated that this was not under the auspices of a TED talk.

Jun 1, 2012