Hi all,

I am starting to get interested in all things relating to innovative financial companies, such as e.g. the p2p lending portal prosper.com . I am based in continental europe, where this market is just coming up atm with a huge amount of social lending and financial comparison platforms. I'm especially interested in valuation metrics for these new sorts of businesses, if they even exist, and in general estimations about this new industry.

In my country, VC's invest in these companies, but these investments are usually so small (Seed or early start-up stage) that the valuations remain secret - you don't even hear rumours about them.

Do any of you guys know where I can find information on this sector, or do you happen to know of some M&A transactions in this sector from which one can deduce how these businesses are valued? I assume the states could be a bit ahead of Europe regarding this industry...

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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