Some New Suggestions to Improve Experience

These suggestions are for the forum. 

1) Add flair options to posts in each forum sub-group, for example; in the investment banking forum create flair options for "Corporate Banking" and "Commercial Banking" - then you would stop receiving requests multiple times per year from users to create a separate forum for members of those industries. The users could continue to enjoy the anchor pull effect of the popular investment banking forum, while also being able to attract members of those specific industries to their post for better information flow. 

2) Let users filter by flair in the search menu > I don't think the benefits of this need to be explained but reach out for further clarification if needed. 

3) Let users filter by "custom date" in the search menu > In December, if I tried searching up posts that were "from the last 30 days" it would not be possible, I would have to sort through all the posts made in 2020, because the filter doesn't go deeper than by "year". 

Thanks for listening to my TED Talk, hope this was helpful. 

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Jan 12, 2022 - 12:28pm

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