Sophomore internships to best position myself for MBB internship

Sophomore at nontarget here. I am shooting for MBB internship my junior summer, and am trying to figure out what internship this summer would put me in the best position for that. I am non-diversity, so any IB or consulting sophomore programs at top firms are out of the picture. I've heard that F500 finance is a good option, but I can't find anything that is open to sophomores. What are other good options? 

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Dec 29, 2020 - 2:20am

Do something interesting that fits your passion/interests and is something you will have impact in. I only know of one person in my circle that did a F500 finance internship sophomore year. One worked in political consulting in NY, one worked for a startup in China, one stayed on campus to do research, one did a study abroad, etc. So, it really just depends on what your career path is and what you want to do after working at MBB. If you're genuinely interested in corporate finance, I see no problem in your choice to pursue that. However, pursuing a certain internship solely because you think it'll help your chances when recruiting for consulting will most likely backfire because you'll show a lack of impact, passion, and general personality when talking about it interviews. The path to MBB is less conventional than it seems on WSO.

Dec 29, 2020 - 5:56pm

Simply put, there aren't many "irrelevant" experiences for consulting. MBB regularly hires people from majors like finance and mechanical engineering to art history and romance languages. The only thing constant in consulting is solving problems on teams. Everything is taught on the job to the point that I've had people at MBB literally tell me that it's pointless to practice PPT before joining because they'll just train me anyway. Knowing a bit about finance and accounting helps during case interviews, but they don't expect applicants to be experts in Excel or know how an LBO model works.

This is in contrast to IB/high finance where people have to memorize the 300-question booklet from BIWS to pass interviews. "How does a $10 increase in depreciation affect the three financial statements" etc. etc.

Jan 12, 2021 - 10:01am

Completely agree with this advice. I spent my sophomore summer working abroad and don't regret a single thing. Many of my peers who ended up MBB as well did whatever opportunity was in front of them, even if that meant doing a non-sexy internship in their hometown for a cause or industry that genuinely interested them. Recruiters like to see interest and passion, and if you do something that actually interests you, that passion will shine through. Just have to crush the internship wherever you are, though. Also should be said that I come from a non-target. 

Jan 10, 2021 - 1:58pm

Yes, F500 is a good and well-tread path. You should be focusing on the companies that recruit on-campus (not a lot of non-target F500 recruitment happens, especially for sophomores). Tbh you might be a bit late as most recruiting happens in the fall, but if you have a career fair soon I'd go to that and ask your career services office who considers sophomores ahead of time

Doing something you're interested in is great, but getting your first well-known company name on your resume will make a lot of other opportunities much easier to access

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