Hello all, you have probably have heard this question a thousand times, but here goes:
I got my Associates in Business Administration from a city college in Fresno CA (tiny town),and transferred to University of Nevada Las Vegas, I am technically a junior but actually a sophomore because I won't be graduating until 2020, I have tons of work experience but not in IB. Since I am not from a target school and have no alums to draw a network pool from (I tried for both my city college and UNLV and only found 1 person!), how do I get a summer analyst position for 2018? I am willing to work with any IB in NYC, Chicago or LA. (Naturally I would like a BB but beggars can't be choosers lol) I am working with SEO, but they also advise that we should try to network personally and get a mentor. So I need help/advise/ anything!
Thanks in advance.