Sophomore non-target (Rip my resume a part)

Hey WSO,

First real post on here. Currently a sophomore at an absolute NON-target state school. Looking for any insight on how to make my resume stand out more when applying to MM & Boutiques this summer. I know I don't have the "elite" school so try not to roast me so hard on that but I feel my gpa and experience as a sophomore so far can give me a fair shot at an internship this summer.

Please give any advice and feel free to give your opinion on it. Just looking to be the best I can be.


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Oct 12, 2017

I would highly suggest considering the WSO Resume Review service.

  • Your formatting needs desperate help. Google "WSO investment banking resume" and use that format.
  • Why is an internship that you ended listed above an internship that is still ongoing?
  • No one cares about placing 5th in anything. Remove that.
  • No one cares about participating in a leadership program. Either remove it or include it as a leadership item with some detail about what you did.
  • You need to go into detail about your experiences. For example, how did you secure this $150 grant?
  • I would highly suggest trying to get some boutique IB experience. I am sure there are plenty in Detroit. This will give you a leg up in SA recruiting.
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Oct 12, 2017