Sophomore summer internship still possible?

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Currently a sophomore CS transfer at USC. Since high school, I've been back and forth between pursuing Business Admin or CS but I think I've finally realized that I'd rather be working in Finance than SWE.

Since we're now a quarter through the fall semester, it's too late for me to join any business clubs. I also didn't have a finance internship last summer; I worked as a math tutor while taking extra classes at my local cc. I'm obviously behind most business undergrads and I'm trying to catch up.

While I've been doing quite a lot of finance reading for the last year or two, I realize this is hardly enough. I've also been trying to attend as many career events on campus as possible to network and figure out how to cold-call.

I have a few family connections, namely at a particular top AM firm. However, I'm not sure if I'll be able to leverage that.

How else can I be more proactive towards landing a sophomore summer internship? Should I mostly be aiming for PWM or AM internships? Is BB even possible?

For context, I'm from NYC. No idea what my GPA is yet but I had a 3.9 last year (at a cuny popular for business).

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Oct 8, 2019


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