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I want to go into ibanking. I am currently applying to undergraduate schools but I need to decide on one private school to apply to early. I have a dilemma and I would like your advice on whether I should apply to Penn or Princeton. At Penn I would be in Engineering or CAS, so not Wharton. At Princeton, I could study anything I want. I have a better chance at getting into Penn early than I do at Princeton. However, Princeton is a better school for ibanking than Penn BA Economics or Computer Science major (correct me if I am wrong). If I don't get accepted to the school I apply early to, I can probably get in somewhere like Cornell CAS.

So I am asking if it is worth applying to Princeton and risk ending up at Cornell or a school with a similar rank or is it better to just apply to Penn and get in, even though it is not as fantastic for ibanking as Princeton?
Also my GPA at Penn would probably be higher because Penn is much easier than Princeton.

Side question: do you think a BA in Econ or a BSE in Computer Science is better for investment banking from Penn?

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Aug 12, 2017


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Oct 7, 2015

Any three of those will be fine. Find the place that fits you best and then make sure you do all the right things once you are there to guide you to IB. Also, be prepared to be disenfranchised after you do your first SA stint. Sometimes things are not as they seem, and career paths are rarely a straight line from beginning to end.

Oct 7, 2015

Any of the three should be fine

I'd apply to Princeton early to see if you get in or not

Oct 8, 2015


Oct 8, 2015