Spring Study Abroad Conflicts w/ IBD SA start date: what to do?

Studying in Beijing next semester, but due to the Chinese system, program doesnt start until late February and ends last week of June.

This will likely interfere with NYC SA start dates... does anyone have experience with this? Are banks willing to push your start date back a week (miss training)?

Nuclear option: Don't go study abroad.

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Dec 3, 2009 - 4:20am

I spent last year in England and my program ended late June as well. Two of my peers got internships at BBs in London. I interviewed at a few BBs too but wanted to work in NY so I was able to do a satellite interview at a New York hedge fund's London office for a position in NY. I had a great internship there and a successful FT interviewing run earlier this year.

I contacted a few US banks last year and they were pretty stubborn about starting dates and missing training. I think your best bet if you want to study abroad (which you should do) would either be to work in China next summer or do a less structured internship that can lead to future FT opportunities.

Good luck.

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