Squash in New York

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Morning Simians,

Anyone here play squash? Other than an old tennis vs squash thread and a non-starter from 2011, I wasn't able to find anything. I'm taking lessons and find it both a great workout and a fun way to meet people. Putting it out there to see if anyone else partakes (specifically in NYC, but a location-agnostic thread is fine, too).

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Jan 31, 2019

I play quite a bit of tennis, and it is a great workout that doesn't destroy my knees. I've always wanted to learn squash, but I don't know of anywhere to play it.

Jan 31, 2019

plenty of clubs in NYC.

Feb 1, 2019

Currently play in Cobble Hill in Brooklyn. Currently the most financially feasible option $20 per month + $15 court fee.

Considering switching over to LIC (CityView) eventually.

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Feb 2, 2019

Do we typically have to bring our own racquets? or do places allow you to borrow them for a few hours?

Feb 8, 2019

Usually you can rent them for the session, but you have to have the clean, non-marking shoes too.

Feb 3, 2019

About to join NYHRC, if you have a membership let's play

Feb 8, 2019

Where do you play, where do you take lessons and how much?

discovered the game randomly one summer in high school and fell in love with how fun it was but never got too serious about it. At this point just want to use it as a fun way to keep in shape

Feb 8, 2019
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