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I bought new shoes, OK wingtip oxfords (not too fancy) in the 250 range. We have long winters so I decided to go with a synthetic sole, as I'm hoping it gives me better grip on the icy pavement. Now these are not ugly, bulky synthetic soles, they look nice and they feel very good on my feet. Problem is, they squeak HORRIBLY on the laminated floors in our office. No problems on other types of floors. But the squeak on laminate is loud and not very comfortable. I understand it's likely because it's a new shoe, but anything I can do right now about it?

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Oct 17, 2016

I would go bare-foot (or bear-foot depending on if you have hairy feet (or hare-y feet depending on if you have big ears)) when I got to the office.

Have you ever seen "how I met your mother?" everyone in the office has a "thing," whether it is the fantasy football guy, the craft beer guy or the squeaky shoe guy ...

you don't wanna be the squeaky shoe guy, but being bare-foot guy could be cool .. say you are raising awareness for prostate cancer or something. Then you turn into the guy who is raising awareness for prostate cancer and will get promoted

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Oct 17, 2016

Have we considered the benefits to being the squeaky shoe guy? You can start standing out from the crowd while the other analysts are busy blending into the sea of pimply faced nerds that your MD won't remember.

Plus if you ever make it to MD you'll instantly command the respect of all your underlings. Imagine the fear you'll strike into summer analysts' hearts as they hear the squeak squeak squeak of your alpha presence approaching their desks, like the tick tock croc to a gaggle of scrawny little Captain Hooks.

Just something to consider, YMMV

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Oct 17, 2016

I really appreciate your input and thanks for the laughs, but the situation is pretty serious on my side. I bought these over the weekend and had a really unpleasant surprise today at the office. There's no way I'm gonna be the squeaky shoe guy, while I did find amusing the MD benefits and I could almost smell the fear of an analyst when he hears the squeaky shoe approaching..

I really like them so there's no way I'll return.. Might just have to get a pair of office shoes.

Oct 17, 2018

Has anyone else had this issue? I have non-removable insoles, and I think it's coming from there. Either moisture or an air pocket - not sure, but super annoying.

Oct 17, 2018

1) check the insoles, return the shoe if you find a manufacturing defect
2) check your socks to make sure that your feet aren't moving around in the shoe, you may need to wear thicker socks than you are used to
3) scuff the bottom with sandpaper

If none of those three work you are likely SOL.

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Oct 17, 2018

You never wanna be the squeaky shoe guy, as many others have said. Use a wheelchair and you could be seen as some sort of Steven Hawking intellectual. Or use a segway and be seen as a massive tool. Regardless, no squeaks if you dont use your feet BRUH

Oct 20, 2018