SSE mfin application review and many questions.

Hi everyone, 

I'm currently preparing for the GMAT and I really want to work as a FRM and live in Sweden (I spent the last year in Stockholm doing an Erasmus). Therefore, which are the best business schools I should apply to for a mfin pre-experience to work in Sweden?.

I'm sure that in the top of the list is SSE, but I really doubt on whether I could get a spot for their mfin, I will share my profile if anyone could review it: 

  • GPA Dual degree program in Economics 7.5/10.
    • Two Universities will issue my BSc.
      • First: 4 Year BSc. in Economics from a Top Spanish public university in natural sciences, but mid tier in Economics. 
      • Second: Top public French University in Economics and Finance. Will receive a 3 Year BSc. in Economics + M1 in Quantitative Economics
    • I messed up really bad the first year due to mental and personal problems.
  • International experience: Erasmus at Stockholm University last year at both the Dept. Economics and the Dept. Statistics. Average: 85/100.
  • Extracurriculars: Voluntary work as a Mentor for children from suburban districts in Madrid to develop educational and emotional intelligence skills. The association I volunteered at obtained the First prize for the national volunteer awards in Spain that year. 
  • Professional experience: Nothing related to finance or economics. 
  • GMAT: Only 1 month and a half to prepare.
    • I've been told the GMAT bar for the mfin at SSE is now in the 700-ish. Guess this year having a 710 is a must and anything above 720 is in my favour. 
  • Basic knowledge of Swedish, another reason for a 2-year Mfin. 
  • SSE has no tuition fee for EU students.
  • Do you think I have any opportunity at SSE mfin? 

  • What other business schools I should apply to ? I have in my mind: Stockholm University, Lund University, Copenhagen business school, Gothenburg University

  • If I can't enter this year, what are the main sides of my application I should improve for  the admission process of next year?

  • Apart from obtaining work experience, which certificate should I prepare for the next year? Start the CFA or starting the FRM certificate (GAARP)? 

Thank you so much!

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