S&T Associate using part-time MBA to break in

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing well. Could use some advice from the group here.

For some context - I am an associate in a BB Equities trading desk and have been in a role for 3 years now. While working full time, I also just recently started pursuing part-time MBA. The program should take ~2.5 yrs or so. I want to use this part-time MBA to;

1.) Change job locations - move away from NYC to somewhere with LCOL / better place to start a family / more room in apt / more outdoor/nature-y/  (less rats in subway) etc. 

2.) Move to a more investment / research like role in asset management (maybe even transition to portfolio manager?)

Do you guys think I am looking at this the right way? I understand for a career change a full-time MBA is better but the opportunity cost and potentially running into debt is not my thing. 

Besides networking and trying to build connections, does anyone have any other advice? I want to use my part-time program as effective as I can.  What are some of the skillsets that I should build during my mba to help break into an AM? 

Thank you!

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Oct 3, 2021 - 10:38pm

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