Standard Chartered Bank's "Corporate & Institutional Clients and Corporate Finance" Internship

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Is the "Corporate & Institutional Clients and corporate finance" internship at Standard Chartered Bank their IBD internship? I know that generally, for SCB's other internships such as in Commercial Banking or Wealth Management, their interviews are composed of purely resume-related and behavioural questions. Does anyone know about "Corporate & Institutional Clients and corporate finance"? Do the interviews for this program get technical?

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May 17, 2016

Corporate & Institutional Clients is the coverage team (i.e. non technical relationship managers who wine and dine with clients at senior level, and do mindless admin tasks at junior level)

Yes, corporate finance is IBD-like, and include all the financing teams (leveraged finance, project finance etc) as well as M&A and the private equity business (or what's left of it). There used to be an ECM business as well but that is no longer the case

Generally you want to go in the corporate finance division if you can, but a few C&IC teams are good (e.g. Oil & Gas, which function like a sector team in IBD).

There also are large differences depending on the geography in which you're in (very strong M&A and financing franchise in Asia, almost non-existent or generally weak in London/Europe, good Oil & Gas team in the US)

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May 7, 2017

Thank you for the great answer. I am about to have an interview with SC CIC in Asia. Looking at the track record and the leaguetables, it doesn't seem like they have a strong M&A franchise. Would you mind elaborating on this? Their DCM team looks good, but somehow it is placed within the financial markets division, rather than in the CF division.

Sep 1, 2016

thank you^

Aug 21, 2017

of course SCB is never going to be on par with large American IBs - it's a commercial bank at heart, but the M&A team in Asia when I was there (2 years ago) was mainly made of ex UBS, ex BAML and others and they would definitely work on some of the most interesting transactions in the region, although yes, perhaps they were not always "left lead" on the deal

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Dec 10, 2017