Start Up Fund: Salary & Upside Negotiation. What should I be making?

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I currently work at a quasi debt fund in RE structured finance in one of the bigger cities in the Midwest. Our company is myself and the CEO. We're selling a brand new product and watching the secondary market form in front of us daily - there's going to be huge upside on a sale. The market is taking off and our book has grown 300% in the last year.

My title is "Analyst/Junior Originator" and I'm actively speaking with and seeking new clients. My contract is currently a base salary plus a % of deal fees ($58k + 7% of upfront fees = $75k last year) but nothing related to equity or taking advantage of the upside. I have three years of experience in CRE Finance - 2 at a top 5 commercial bank and 1 here - where I received glowing reviews.

I have a couple questions:
1. Is my salary in line with similar positions?
2. Any tips for negotiating to earn sweat equity or an interest in the upside?


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Apr 26, 2019