I am in college right now; a non-target school in the middle of no where. Very few if any graduates get into i-banking, I went here because of a couple mistakes senior HS that resulted in my admission getting revoked to other top colleges. I literally flunked out the last semester of my senior year due to excessive drinking, partying, and others.

However being incoming sophomore to college, I am having a 4.0 so far and have start a part-time small business. Note, I am not an internet whiz, nor did I start something that is going to blossom into the next facebook, i just had a few hundred dollars and took that and made it into a solid retail business.

There are very few investment companies around that offer internships but there are a ton of other colleges in the area; some of which are MUCH better than the one I am attending right now. But the business I am running on the side helped me gain a lot respect and I was able to get a lot of interviews and was able to secure internships.

Now obviously the internships are not a cake-walk and I am devoting a lot of time to them since I am competing against interns from other top schools that are much better equipped education-wise.

I am deciding whether I should keep doing my start-up or focus on my internships? Both are very time-consuming and I cannt do them both. I am make about 6-70k a year from the start-up.

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Depends what you want to do. You didn't specify what kind of internship. I'm assuming the internship is impressive enough and will move you closer to your goal.

If the point of the business is to gain extra credibility, you've already gotten that benefit. It's on your resume. Will running it for another year enhance the appeal on your resume? If not, shut it down and focus on your goal.

The ultimate coup - if you can do it - take on a partner or employee that you trust and have them run the business while you work. That will teach you some lessons about managing/delegating (not easy), and will impress anyone IF you can pull it off.

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good advice


You should only do a job in finance if you really, really love money and need it desperately. If you already have something that makes you $60-70K a year, just hire someone else to run things, expand the business and become a remote control CEO. Then you can have steady cash flow and actually get to do cool things, both of which are the complete opposite of banking.

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