Started a Crypto Fund - Looking to Connect with Fund Managers, etc.


Hello everyone, long time reader - first time poster. I'm the founder of a crytpo "hedge fund" with a 3 person team (we launched about 3 months ago). Looking for advice on networking, fundraising, finance info, etc. Originally from Michigan but live in Los Angeles. My background is computer science but I know crypto very well and my personal ROI on investments have been upwards of 1000% in 8 months. I get offers each week from people looking to invest from $100-500k to $1M.

I am looking for people who have worked or started a hedge fund to get some insight on starting and managing a funding, or intros to anyone in the space. I come from a CS background so I have more silicon valley connects rather than wall street guys. We have an active slack channel if anyone wishes to join, or email/PM/etc. works as well.

We've been mentioned in the press, and I'm looking for people who are experts in the finance world who want to learn crypto to share each others knowledge for a mutually beneficial engagement.


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Nov 17, 2017 - 7:19pm

Hi ratman2050, any of these topics helpful:

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  • More suggestions...

If we're lucky, the following pros may have something to say: mingshi98 @Prakhar-Agarwal" petit_pasquier

I hope those threads give you a bit more insight.

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