Starting a new banking job - really need advice on what to buy [poor college grad in Toronto]

1st Year Associate in Commercial Banking


I'm a recent graduate based in Toronto, 23, with student loans and low funds available to me (I have $1700 in my bank account and that is all my assets). Luckily I live at home and I'm starting a new job pretty soon where I'll make about $60K/year.

I want to update my wardrobe for work because right now I'm down to the following items:

  • one pair of navy blue suit pants with ripped stitching around the zipper.
  • one black suit jacket that I've worn for the last two or three years.
  • 3-4 dress shirts, a couple from brooks brothers and a couple from RW&Co.
  • one pair of $200 brown Cole Haan dress shoes I wear every day for work and sometimes out if I'm going somewhere that I can't wear my normal running shoes.

I've only got like $2K in the bank and am probably getting my last paycheck at my old job two weeks from today (it'll be another $1700). I start my new job in 3 weeks.

What stores would you guys suggest I go to buy clothes from with my budget, what items should I prioritize? I'm a 6'2 M with a medium build approx 195lbs, with jacket size between 42L and 44 and Pants size 36.

I don't want to come into work and make a bad first impression because I suck at dressing. I know I just need to find clothes that FIT me well vs. spending money on expensive brands, but what store do I go to to get this done?

I've checked out the Harry Rosen Outlet and the BOSS Outlet, but their suits even the ones on sale are super expensive (like $500+ for the ones on promotion/sale).

Please help - need advice.

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Aug 31, 2019

You already have most of what you need. Now you just need a few more pairs of clothes that you can cycle through.

Would buy a few more dress shirts from Charles Twyritt. You can buy 4 shirts for like $100 when they have deals running. Also go to Uniqlo and buy some navy blue and dark green khakis for casual days.

When you start saving more money, then you can buy more clothes as needed. - Advice on Finance, Careers and Investing in General

Sep 10, 2019