Starting a school investing club


So I am trying to build a strong student profile while I am attending school at a community college. I plan on transferring to a university to complete a BS in accounting and finance. (Interested in applying to UTDallas, UTAustin, SMU-Cox) So my student profile is for purposes of universities I plan on applying & transferring to as well as scholarships. I am working on leadership experience & community involvement aspect.

I noticed my school has a club for almost everything except accounting or finance, so I figured I could start an investing club. So I am researching ways to go about making this happen.

Does anyone have any tips, advice, or insight how to get started on starting an investing club?


Any tips, advice, or insight on ways to building my leadership experience as well?

I go to school part-time & work full-time, but I have evenings and weekends free for this kind of projects.

Thank you!

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