Starting a small fund

Hello all, as a person who is almost 18, myself and some friends have been discussing investing some money when we turn 18. My question for you all is
-best sites to start our fund?
-should we compile our money, or trade by ourselves
- eventually expanding our money to help others
What we hope to gain from this expirence is a better understanding of investing and managing our money in the market.
My self personally, after attending college is to join a hedge fund/ later create one. If anyone has any tips on what I should do I would truly appreciate it! Thank you!

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Nov 10, 2017 - 11:30am

Hello, not a troll, I am someone who is under 18. We want to learn about the stock market and how to invest our money.
- it's not a large sum of money
To further my point, this is all for fun, it's not like we're trying to quadruple our money. This whole expirence is just for fun and educating ourselves with how markets operate and fluctuate. Sad that some people just can't get past my lack of knowledge, because of I was looking for some actual helpful information

For any future tips, Thank you!

Best Response
Nov 13, 2017 - 12:20am

I did something similar so I'll give you a few tips/ tell you where I went wrong

Go with a discount broker that offers the smallest commissions.
Don't day trade.
Don't join chatrooms.
Don't invest money before reading Security Analysis or similar literature.
Wake up 2 hours prior to market open.
Don't assume that you will make a large sum of money.
Focus on investing in liquid/large companies so if ever you find a way to bring in decent returns, your returns can be scaled to larger sums of money.
Don't follow someone else's strategy- you won't learn anything.
And make sure to take calculated risks and not gamble away your or your parent's hard earned money.

Oh, and please don't call it a hedge fund until you have more than just family investor's and have at least $500,000 AUM (still questionable at that point)

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