Starting at the bottom (Financial Analyst) at 29 years old...

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Looking to move from middle office at a large broker/dealer into corporate finance. I'm finding out that I might have to start relatively junior.

How long does it usually take to progress in this field? Super scared that, at 29, I am too old to be taking such a junior-level role.

Your thoughts?

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Jan 21, 2016

Not sure what you do now since working "middle office" can mean at least 10 different types of roles to me.

Unfortunately, there are no "hard and fast" rules about how quickly people can progress in corporate finance. A lot of it will depend on the company, the corporate culture and your performance. I know people who have been promoted after about 18 months and others who have been sitting in the exact same job for 5 years.

If your largest concern is being "at the bottom" I would try to find a role for which your current experience would be somewhat relevant. This could mean the difference between starting as an Analyst or Sr. Analyst/Associate Manager. It will also make it much easier to excel and progress at a quicker pace.

Jan 21, 2016