I sent out some networking emails back in March, some I got replies but those trails eventually went dry or the ones that led to interviews didn't lead to jobs.

I'm going to try again with the people who never responded. Is there anyway to go about doing this? I assume I should start a new email thread, and not just tack on to the old one which they never responded to? In the new email should I mention that I tried contacting them before? If I try a new email (such as their work) should I mention that I tried to contact them back in March through the other email they have listed?


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I always reply on the same thread that I originally sent. In the event that they meant to respond to it, and it just got buried, it'll show them that they still haven't responded to you. It also keeps the clutter down in the mailbox.

If they deleted your old e-mail replying on the same thread would show that this isn't the 1st time you've contacted them. Whether that means you're being a pest or persistent depends on who you're e-mailing. I feel like keeping it to one thread and one e-mail address reduces effort on their end, which is what you want.

All in all, make it easy for them to help you, if they should choose too. My 2 cents anyway...

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Thanks for the response. Anyone have some more thoughts?

Should it be the same thread? When should you mention previous emails? Should you do it for emails that were never answered?
I guess my question could be divided into three categories:

1. Emails initiated by me 9 months ago that were never answered.

2. Emails initiated by me 9 months ago that got a warm initial response, and then when I responded, there was no more response (including subsequent follow ups)

3. Emails initiated by me 9 months ago that got a warm initial response, followed by a good conversation, but because we decided we couldn't do anything at the time, we stopped trading emails.




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Dude, you're thinking too much about it. Just shoot them an email saying..

Hi ____,

Thanks for speaking with me last time. It was extremely helpful in blah blah blah. I'm currently looking into XYZ opportunities and was wondering whether you have time for a quick chat over the phone sometime this week.

Name Here.


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