State of lateral interviews in IB

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Currently interviewing at a few non US BB balance sheet banks ( think UBS, RBC, BNP, HSBC, etc.) as an experienced hire. Anyone else in the same boat and have any insights to share? I was told that the process would probably be pushed out a few weeks, but that the bank would still be hiring.


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Mar 19, 2020

same boat but not sure if now is good time to network

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Mar 19, 2020

literally none of those firms are BB

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Mar 19, 2020

Relax intern also UBS and RBC would be considered BB

Mar 19, 2020

I have one coming up with a smaller shop next week. will definitely ask

Apr 1, 2020

How did the interview go? Any info on how they plan to proceed?


Apr 3, 2020

It went fine. They are more or less putting together a candidate list will then move forward with something structured. Seem to be on hold until people are free to travel.

Apr 3, 2020