State Street IMS - Irvine Derivatives / Collateral Management Question

Hello all,

I'm applying for a Derivatives operations/collateral management 2 role in State Street IMS based in Irvine, CA.

Can anyone speak for the derivatives/collateral management department in State Street IMS? Is it heavy client services/on the phone or is it mostly screen time/excel? Also, can anyone tell me about how useful the product knowledge of derivatives would be for transitioning into other fields, and which fields?

Would greatly appreciate info from people who have worked at State Street in Irvine or any other department or office. DMs welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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Aug 20, 2019 - 5:44pm

Hi fomo120, just because I'm a bot doesn't mean I don't have feelings...I'm hoping these links are helpful. If not, feel free to throw monkey shit at me...

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  • More suggestions...

Fingers crossed that one of those helps you.

Sep 14, 2019 - 4:55pm

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