Stepping stones into Research Asset Managment

A bit of background: I come from a Russell group, non-target uni (UK). Predicted 1st class honors, studying Econ and Finance. A levels AAB.

When I started uni I wanted badly to go into the banking and finance industry. Aiming for Asset management. Now going into final year with no relevant experience (I really did try hard but didn't secure anything, always getting rejected at one stage or another). Now I obviously see that Asset Management isn't going to work. I have at least made sure to make the rest of my CV good: Leadership role in uni society; Volunteering experience of over a year; learnt to code outside uni and have experience in this thorough a research project developing quantitative skills too; Virtual internships even though I know they don't count for much, started a tutoring business outside uni to get experience working with clients, even researching and trade stocks in my free time. I'm not sure how relevant all this is, just wanted to make my scenario clearer.

I would like to know what are the best stepping stones for getting into the research side of AM, given my current situation. Specifically, I would be looking into equity or perhaps quant. I want to be doing research into how to grow client portfolios, rather than assessing the risk of them (so not PM.) I hear that consulting or audit in a big 4 can be a good stepping stone but not quite sure how relevant this is to investments. Keep in mind obviously I am just starting out so my career roadmap is not 100% firm set on only investments AM with equity. I mean over time I might realise I like something else more but this is where I stand as of now. I would just like to know where are my best chances to get my foot in and what would be the progression from there. I have tried to find this information but it seems difficult to find very specific info so that's why I'm asking here. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)

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Aug 31, 2021 - 5:47pm

Honestly speaking, it's gonna be really difficult to sell your profile because your essentially gonna graduate with 0 working experience. I think you could tackle this by networking rn, convince a boutique, family office or anyone for a finance internship or job. Then apply for off cycle or normal recruiting process if the timing isint too off when you have finish your internship. I'm unsure about the timing for all these processes but you could elect to go down this route.

If you have money for masters or have a scholarship to alleviate the cost, do a target masters and you should do a finance internship at somewhere and then apply to normal recruiting cycle like you were before. The difference with the first option is that your applying to normal recruiting process now rather than off cycle.I'm gonna be honest, audit is your biggest bet because you have 0 experience unless you have something else you dint mentioned.

I'm not sure if you could even enter audit in big 4 without any finance internship or I'm wrong and you can, I don't know the specific stats. Anyways, getting a finance internship and a target post grad should be your goal. If not, even audit might be difficult.

Aug 31, 2021 - 7:08pm

Thanks for being honest with me, I will try and do as you say. Out of curiosity, if even audit could be out-of-reach for me as you are suggesting what do you think is more within reach, within finance? 

Aug 31, 2021 - 11:13pm

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