Stock pitches for experienced hires

What are the ethical rules on what I pitch for an experienced hire interview? If my fund is invested in a stock, can I pitch it? What about if it is a long vs. a short? If I looked at stock for work, but my firm passed, can I pitch it?

I obviously cannot ask my firm what the answer here is, so I am wondering how I am supposed to know what is considered ok vs. not ok?

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Mar 19, 2019

no ethical concern here.

However, you shouldn't say that your current firm has a position (you shouldn't disclose any confidential information....positions being one type). If asked, you should just say "i have no comment on my current firms positions, however, this is what i think about this security..." and then lay out your thesis. Remember, for every buyer, there is a seller...somebody thinks your longs will go down....maybe the person interviewing never know.

Also, remember that future employers will assume that how you act in the interview is how you will act in the future...if you share your current firms confidential positions with the firm you are interviewing with....they will expect you to repeat that behavior if they hire you and you then interview obviously, that would not be a good signal.

However, you know what you know...and if you believe in a thesis (vs the opposite arguments...which you should also be able to lay out and say "these are the risks") then i see no reason not to share your thoughts.

just google're welcome

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Mar 20, 2019

what about if the pitch reflects resources that was with the firm's money? for example, it reflects the result of expert network calls / management meetings.

Mar 19, 2019

just google're welcome